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I started this project in September 2013 after a holiday in Hikkaduwa. The number of strays and their suffering made me determined to help. There are other animal projects to help strays in Sri Lanka, but they do not cover the Hikkaduwa region.

A cat spay costs £8, and a dog spay £15. A rabies injection and a parvo injection cost only £5 each. Mange treatment is just £5. A local vets provides all the treatments. Katharina is our manager in Hikkaduwa , cares for the strays in the charity's care. 

Help Hikkaduwa Strays will also help residents spay their pets. Our main work involves rehoming litter after litter of abandoned pups and kittens, regular feeding of the strays in the local areas, neutering/spaying , treating sickness or injury. We have many disabled or blind cats that live permanently with Katharina plus many old, disabled or traumatized stray dogs.

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